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DocsErrors`url` is deprecated

`url` is deprecated

Why This Error Occurred

In versions prior to 6.x the url property got magically injected into every Page component (every page inside the pages directory).

The reason this is going away is that we want to make things very predictable and explicit. Having a magical url property coming out of nowhere doesn't aid that goal.

⚠️ In some cases using React Dev Tools may trigger this warning even if you do not reference url anywhere in your code. Try temporarily disabling the extension and see if the warning persists.

Possible Ways to Fix It


Since Next 5 we provide a way to explicitly inject the Next.js router object into pages and all their descending components. The router property that is injected will hold the same values as url, like pathname, asPath, and query.

Here's an example of using withRouter:

import { withRouter } from 'next/router'
class Page extends React.Component {
  render() {
    const { router } = this.props
    return <div>{router.pathname}</div>
export default withRouter(Page)

We provide a codemod (a code to code transformation) to automatically change the url property usages to withRouter.

You can find this codemod and instructions on how to run it here: /docs/advanced-features/codemods#url-to-withrouter