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    The ImageResponse constructor allows you to generate dynamic images using JSX and CSS. This is useful for generating social media images such as Open Graph images, Twitter cards, and more.

    The following options are available for ImageResponse:

    import { ImageResponse } from 'next/server'
    new ImageResponse(
      element: ReactElement,
      options: {
        width?: number = 1200
        height?: number = 630
        emoji?: 'twemoji' | 'blobmoji' | 'noto' | 'openmoji' = 'twemoji',
        fonts?: {
          name: string,
          data: ArrayBuffer,
          weight: number,
          style: 'normal' | 'italic'
        debug?: boolean = false
        // Options that will be passed to the HTTP response
        status?: number = 200
        statusText?: string
        headers?: Record<string, string>

    Supported CSS Properties

    Please refer to Satori’s documentation for a list of supported HTML and CSS features.

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