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You can use the generateSitemaps function to generate multiple sitemaps for your application.


The generateSitemaps returns an array of objects with an id property.


In production, your generated sitemaps will be available at /.../sitemap/[id].xml. For example, /product/sitemap/1.xml.

In development, you can view the generated sitemap on /.../sitemap.xml/[id]. For example, /product/sitemap.xml/1. This difference is temporary and will follow the production format.


For example, to split a sitemap using generateSitemaps, return an array of objects with the sitemap id. Then, use the id to generate the unique sitemaps.

import { BASE_URL } from '@/app/lib/constants'
export async function generateSitemaps() {
  // Fetch the total number of products and calculate the number of sitemaps needed
  return [{ id: 0 }, { id: 1 }, { id: 2 }, { id: 3 }]
export default async function sitemap({
}: {
  id: number
}): Promise<MetadataRoute.Sitemap> {
  // Google's limit is 50,000 URLs per sitemap
  const start = id * 50000
  const end = start + 50000
  const products = await getProducts(
    `SELECT id, date FROM products WHERE id BETWEEN ${start} AND ${end}`
  return => ({
    url: `${BASE_URL}/product/${}`,

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