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Prerender Error

Why This Error Occurred

While prerendering a page an error occurred. This can occur for many reasons from adding non-pages e.g. components to your pages folder or expecting props to be populated which are not.

Possible Ways to Fix It

  • Use Next.js 13 (or higher) and the App Router, which allows colocation of pages and other files (e.g. components, styles, tests, etc)
  • Make sure to move any non-pages out of the pages folder
  • Check for any code that assumes a prop is available, even when it might not be
  • Set default values for all dynamic pages' props (avoid undefined, use null instead so it can be serialized)
  • Check for any out of date modules that you might be relying on
  • Make sure your component handles fallback if it is enabled in getStaticPaths. Fallback docs
  • Make sure you are not trying to export (output: 'export' or next export) pages that have server-side rendering enabled getServerSideProps
  • If necessary, you can disable server-side rendering for a specific component that may be attempting to use browser APIs like window