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DocsErrorsNon-Standard `NODE_ENV`

Non-Standard `NODE_ENV`

Why This Error Occurred

Your environment has a non-standard NODE_ENV value configured.

This may be by accident, so if you're unaware where the value is coming from, check the following:

  • The .env* files in your project, if present
  • Your ~/.bash_profile, if present
  • Your ~/.zshrc, if present

The greater React ecosystem treats NODE_ENV as a convention, only permitting three (3) values:

  • production: When your application is built with next build
  • development: When your application is run with next dev
  • test: When your application is being tested (e.g. jest)

Setting a non-standard NODE_ENV value may cause dependencies to behave unexpectedly, or worse, break dead code elimination.

Possible Ways to Fix It

To fix this error, identify the source of the erroneous NODE_ENV value and get rid of it: Next.js automatically sets the correct value for you.

If you need the concept of different environments in your application, e.g. staging, you should use a different environment variable name like APP_ENV.