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DocsErrorsUsing Google Analytics with Next.js (through `next/script`)

Using Google Analytics with Next.js (through `next/script`)

Prefer next/script component when using the inline script for Google Analytics.

Why This Error Occurred

An inline script was used for Google Analytics which might impact your webpage's performance. Instead, we recommend using next/script through the @next/third-parties library.

Possible Ways to Fix It

Use @next/third-parties to add Google Analytics

@next/third-parties is a library that provides a collection of components and utilities that improve the performance and developer experience of loading popular third-party libraries in your Next.js application. It is available with Next.js 14 (install next@latest).

The GoogleAnalytics component can be used to include Google Analytics 4 to your page via the Google tag (gtag.js). By default, it fetches the original scripts after hydration occurs on the page.

Recommendation: If Google Tag Manager is already included in your application, you can configure Google Analytics directly using it, rather than including Google Analytics as a separate component. Refer to the documentation to learn more about the differences between Tag Manager and gtag.js.

To load Google Analytics for all routes, include the component directly in your root layout and pass in your measurement ID:

import { GoogleAnalytics } from '@next/third-parties/google'
export default function RootLayout({
}: {
  children: React.ReactNode
}) {
  return (
    <html lang="en">
      <GoogleAnalytics gaId="G-XYZ" />

To load Google Analytics for a single route, include the component in your page file:

import { GoogleAnalytics } from '@next/third-parties/google'
export default function Page() {
  return <GoogleAnalytics gaId="G-XYZ" />

Good to know: