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Nested Middleware

Why This Error Occurred

You are defining a Middleware file in a location different from <root>/middleware, which is not allowed.

While in beta, a Middleware file under specific pages would only be executed when pages below its declaration were matched, allowing nesting Middleware files. Based on customer feedback, we have replaced this API with a single root Middleware.

Possible Ways to Fix It

Declare your Middleware in the root folder and use NextRequest parsed URL to define which path the Middleware should be executed for.

For example, a Middleware at pages/about/_middleware.ts can move the logic to <root>/middleware.ts in the root of your repository. Then, a conditional statement can be used to only run the Middleware when it matches the about/* path:

import type { NextRequest } from 'next/server'
export function middleware(request: NextRequest) {
  if (request.nextUrl.pathname.startsWith('/about')) {
    // This logic is only applied to /about
  if (request.nextUrl.pathname.startsWith('/dashboard')) {
    // This logic is only applied to /dashboard

If you have more than one Middleware, you should combine them into a single file and model their execution depending on the incoming request.