SWC Failed to Load

Why This Message Occurred

Next.js now uses Rust-based compiler SWC to compile JavaScript/TypeScript. This new compiler is up to 17x faster than Babel when compiling individual files and up to 5x faster Fast Refresh.

SWC requires a binary be downloaded that is compatible specific to your system. In some cases this binary may fail to load either from failing to download or an incompatibility with your architecture.

Possible Ways to Fix It

You might need to allow optional packages to be installed by your package manager (remove --no-optional flag) for the package to download correctly.

If SWC continues to fail to load you can opt-out by disabling swcMinify in your next.config.js or by adding a .babelrc to your project with the following content:

  "presets": ["next/babel"]

Be sure to report the issue on the feedback thread so that we can investigate it further.

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