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DocsErrorsCSS Imported by a Dependency

CSS Imported by a Dependency

Why This Error Occurred

One of your dependencies (node_modules) imports a CSS file.

This normally happens when a package's source files are accidentally consumed, instead of the built package.

Possible Ways to Fix It

Reach out to the maintainer and ask for them to publish a compiled version of their dependency.

Compiled dependencies do not have references to CSS files, or any other files that require bundler-specific integrations.

The dependency should also provide instructions about what CSS needs to be imported by you, in your application.

Importing CSS files within node_modules cannot be supported because we cannot know the correct behavior:

  • Should the file be consumed as Global CSS or CSS Modules?
  • If Global, in what order does the file need to be injected?
  • If Modules, what are the emitted class names? As-is, camel-case, snake case?
  • Etc.