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DocsErrorsResolving "Babel and `next/font` Conflict" in Next.js

Resolving "Babel and `next/font` Conflict" in Next.js

This document explains the "Babel and `next/font` Conflict" in Next.js and provides a solution to resolve this issue.

Why This Error Occurred

The "Babel and next/font Conflict" error arises when you attempt to use next/font in conjunction with a custom Babel configuration in your Next.js application. When you have a custom Babel config, you opt out of the Next.js Compiler, which is a requirement for using next/font.

Possible Ways to Fix It

To address this issue, you should remove your custom Babel configuration (e.g. .babelrc) and instead make use of the Next.js Compiler. This ensures compatibility between your Babel configuration and next/font.

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