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Bundle Analyzer

@next/bundle-analyzer is a plugin for Next.js that helps you manage the size of your JavaScript modules. It generates a visual report of the size of each module and their dependencies. You can use the information to remove large dependencies, split your code, or only load some parts when needed, reducing the amount of data transferred to the client.


Install the plugin by running the following command:

npm i @next/bundle-analyzer
# or
yarn add @next/bundle-analyzer
# or
pnpm add @next/bundle-analyzer

Then, add the bundle analyzer's settings to your next.config.js.

const withBundleAnalyzer = require('@next/bundle-analyzer')({
  enabled: process.env.ANALYZE === 'true',
/** @type {import('next').NextConfig} */
const nextConfig = {}
module.exports = withBundleAnalyzer(nextConfig)

Analyzing your bundles

Run the following command to analyze your bundles:

ANALYZE=true npm run build
# or
ANALYZE=true yarn build
# or
ANALYZE=true pnpm build

The report will open three new tabs in your browser, which you can inspect. Doing this regularly while you develop and before deploying your site can help you identify large bundles earlier, and architect your application to be more performant.