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Environment Variables


To add environment variables to the JavaScript bundle, open next.config.js and add the env config:

module.exports = {
  env: {
    customKey: 'my-value',

Now you can access process.env.customKey in your code. For example:

function Page() {
  return <h1>The value of customKey is: {process.env.customKey}</h1>

export default Page

Next.js will replace process.env.customKey with 'my-value' at build time. Trying to destructure process.env variables won't work due to the nature of webpack DefinePlugin.

For example, the following line:

return <h1>The value of customKey is: {process.env.customKey}</h1>

Will end up being:

return <h1>The value of customKey is: {'my-value'}</h1>

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