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DocsErrorsEntire page deopted into client-side rendering

Entire page deopted into client-side rendering

Why This Error Occurred

During static rendering, the entire page was deopted into client-side rendering by useSearchParams as there was no Suspense boundary that caught it.

If a route is statically rendered, calling useSearchParams() will cause the tree up to the closest Suspense boundary to be client-side rendered.

This allows a part of the page to be statically rendered while the dynamic part that uses searchParams can be client-side rendered.

Possible Ways to Fix It

You can reduce the portion of the route that is client-side rendered by wrapping the component that uses useSearchParams in a Suspense boundary.

For example if app/dashboard/search-bar.tsx uses useSearchParams wrap the component in a Suspense boundary as shown in app/dashboard/page.tsx.

'use client'
import { useSearchParams } from 'next/navigation'
export default function SearchBar() {
  const searchParams = useSearchParams()
  const search = searchParams.get('search')
  // This will not be logged on the server when using static rendering
  return <>Search: {search}</>
import { Suspense } from 'react'
import SearchBar from './search-bar'
// This component passed as fallback to the Suspense boundary
// will be rendered in place of the search bar in the initial HTML.
// When the value is available during React hydration the fallback
// will be replaced with the `<SearchBar>` component.
function SearchBarFallback() {
  return <>placeholder</>
export default function Page() {
  return (
        <Suspense fallback={<SearchBarFallback />}>
          <SearchBar />