Assets, Metadata, and CSS

    The second page we added currently does not have styling. Let's add some CSS to style the page.

    Next.js has built-in support for CSS and Sass. For this course, we will use CSS.

    This lesson will also talk about how Next.js handles static assets like images and page metadata like the <title> tag.

    What You’ll Learn in This Lesson

    In this lesson, you’ll learn:

    • How to add static files (images, etc) to Next.js.
    • How to customize what goes inside the <head> for each page.
    • How to create a reusable React component which is styled using CSS Modules.
    • How to add global CSS in pages/_app.js.
    • Some useful tips for styling in Next.js.


    • Basic CSS knowledge. This course will go over how to add CSS in a Next.js app, but it won't cover CSS fundamentals.

    If you’re looking for detailed documentation on Next.js styling, take a look at the CSS documentation.