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Pages in Next.js

In Next.js, a page is a React Component exported from a file in the pages directory.

Pages are associated with a route based on their file name. For example, in development:

  • pages/index.js is associated with the / route.
  • pages/posts/first-post.js is associated with the /posts/first-post route.

We already have the pages/index.js file, so let’s create pages/posts/first-post.js to see how it works.

Create a New Page

Create the posts directory under pages.

Create a file called first-post.js inside the posts directory with the following content:

export default function FirstPost() {
  return <h1>First Post</h1>;

The component can have any name, but you must export it as a default export.

Now, make sure that the development server is running and visit http://localhost:3000/posts/first-post. You should see the page:

This is how you can create different pages in Next.js.

Simply create a JS file under the pages directory, and the path to the file becomes the URL path.

In a way, this is similar to building websites using HTML or PHP files. Instead of writing HTML you write JSX and use React Components.

Let's add a link to the newly added page so that we can navigate to it from the homepage.

Quick Review: If you wanted to add a new route /authors/me, what would the file name be (including the directory)?