Kenneth DuMez


Developer Relations Lead, Graphite


Kenneth DuMez joined Graphite in 2023 and is focused on garnering developer adoption of Graphite, a tool that helps developers create smaller pull requests, stay unblocked, and ship faster. He primarily spends his time producing written and visual content as well as traveling around the U.S. to different conferences, learning and educating about Graphite's "stacking" workflow.

CRA to App Router in 5 Steps: A Case Study with Graphite

At Graphite we believe Next.js is the future. It provides more stability, faster build times, and bundle splitting, benefits that we weren’t getting with CRA. In migrating our sprawling, typescript monorepo, that dozens of developers collaborate on simultaneously, our first attempts at migration were incredibly expensive and failed partway through. After talking to the Vercel team however, and using the new AppRouter, we condensed the entire migration into 5 simple PRs. Join us and learn from our mistakes as we explore those PRs, brought us from CRA to AppRouter.