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Wednesday, October 9th 2019

Introducing Create Next App

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We're delighted today to introduce the new Create Next App.

Create Next App sets up a modern React application powered by Next.js in one command.

To get started all you have to do is run:

npx create-next-app

Create Next App has been rebuilt from the ground up to provide the best possible developer experience:

  • Interactive Experience: Running npx create-next-app (with no arguments) now launches an interactive experience that guides you through setting up a project.
  • Zero Dependencies: Initializing a project is now as quick as one second. Create Next App has zero dependencies and installs in only 604 kB. Before our optimizations, the previous version was 5.38 MB. That's a reduction of more than 4.7 MB!
  • Offline Support: Create Next App will automatically detect if you're offline and bootstrap your project using your local package cache.
  • New Default Project Template: Create Next App uses a new project template that is designed for a modern Next.js application. Since Create Next App is now maintained alongside Next.js itself, this template will always be up-to-date with the latest Next.js version!
  • Support for Examples: Create Next App can bootstrap your application using an example from the Next.js examples collection (e.g. npx create-next-app --example api-routes).
  • Tested: The package is part of the Next.js monorepo and tested using the same integration test suite as Next.js itself, ensuring it works as expected with every release.

Create Next App was previously a community maintained project, however, we felt it was important to curate the first impression of Next.js. Especially as we recommend it in the Next.js examples collection.

We worked with Segment to transfer ownership of the package, and are very grateful for their prior stewardship, especially by Fouad Matin.