Grant Sander

VP of Engineering, Formidable


Grant is a software engineer who loves solving problems in the web and mobile spaces. With a background in teaching and mathematics, Grant brings a user-centric yet technical flavor to software development. In later years, Grant has been entrenched in helping craft modern, composable software using tools like Next.js and Sanity.

Unlocking Composable Content with the App Router

With the introduction of the App Router, Next.js gives you more freedom in how you want to structure your web application — from data fetching to nested routes and layouts. This means you can increase site performance/speed while maintaining editor autonomy to regularly update or edit content on your website. How? Because you no longer need to think of caching in terms of pages but rather smaller components within your page, like navigation, metadata for SEO, personalized content, and modules used throughout the whole experience. Without having to trade off performance or the content velocity of your team.Adopting the App Router requires a bit of a mindset shift, adopting React Server Components and a new file structure for routes. In this talk, Kapehe, Developer Marketing Manager at Sanity, and Grant, VP of Engineering at Formidable, will discuss actionable steps for how to use Next.js’ new features for real-life use cases. You’ll also see how to use Sanity as your content layer to treat your content as data and how you can reduce code with our latest next-sanity updates that support App Router.