TJ Kohli


Creative Partner, Monogram


TJ leads all things frontend at Monogram. As a co-founder of the award-winning composable digital agency, TJ ensures every pixel is perfect. He is also the founder and CEO of Raster, a next-gen image manager for teams. He is passionate about UX design, graphic design, HTML, CSS, and speed.

Next.js as a Platform (NaaS)

Monogram doesn’t consider Next.js as just a framework, we see it as the entire platform. With the new app router and powerful features, your apps and technologies all live within the realm of Next.js. Stitch together platforms like Sanity, Turborepo, Vercel AI, Hydrogen, [more tech TBD], and more to deploy an enterprise-grade platform on Vercel. Walk through Monogram’s journey to build a robust new website [Project M8] debuting at Next.js Conf powered by the latest Next.js. We dive into the benefits of migrating to composable technologies on a large and complex project, and bring up the benefits that Next.js delivers across the board from Design, CMS, APIs, performance, maintenance, and beyond.