Houssein Djirdeh


Senior Software Engineer, Google


Houssein is a software engineer at Google Chrome who is passionate about making the web better. He is an accomplished developer, author, speaker, and advocate. Houssein is a Next.js contributor and has given talks at over a dozen conferences and events around the world on progressive enhancement and building for the mobile user.

Optimizing Third-Party Loading in Next.js

Third-party resources can have a significant impact on the user experience of Next.js applications. They can slow down page load times and introduce performance bottlenecks. Additionally, many developers are unsure about the best approach to load popular third-parties. The Chrome Aurora team is developing @next/third-parties, a package that provides a collection of components and utilities for efficiently loading third-party libraries into your Next.js application. In this talk, we will explain our thinking behind @next/third-parties and show you how to use it in your own applications. We will also give you a preview of our plans for the future of this package.