Elizabet Oliveira


Senior Product Designer, Xata


Once a hip-hop artist and now a product designer who codes at Xata, Elizabet Oliveira is known for her unique fusion of creativity and design in open-source projects. She's the creative force behind the award-winning React-Kawaii library and a former lead designer and maintainer of "Elastic UI," a widely used design system at Elastic. Known for her unique presentations, featuring her "Fork this" rap song, Elizabet is on a mission to bridge the gap between front-end development and design.

Next.js is all you need for a fast-growing startup

In the world of web applications, the divergence between public websites, documentation, and authenticated dashboards or consoles often leads to a fragmented user experience, leaving users with a sense that the website and app were developed by entirely different teams. In this presentation, I will share our experience at Xata on how we used Next.js to transition from using separate technology stacks to creating a more cohesive and seamless user experience.