Static Sites,
No Compromise

Leverage the speed and simplicity of static sites
with the full power of Next.js

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  • Faster Delivery

  • Modern Frontend Features

  • No Lock-In

  • Painless Developer Workflow


Perfect For:

  • Landing pages
  • Blogs
  • Documentation and tutorials
  • Style guides

Push Your Site to the Edge

Get your site to users faster, all while saving money, time, and headaches

Unrivaled Performance

Static sites can be deployed to CDNs for minimal latency, zero server load, and faster global delivery.

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Deploy Anywhere

Host your static site cheaply and easily with any provider such as Now, Github Pages, or Amazon S3.

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Exceptionally Simple

With no moving parts, static sites are secure, effortless to maintain, and easy to reason about.

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Powerful Features,
Out of the Box

Just because it’s a static site, doesn’t mean it should act like it. With automatic code-splitting, dynamic imports, and page prefetching, Next.js creates static sites that load fast and feel fluid.

Best in Class Developer Experience

Next.js puts development ergonomics front and center. Static exporting is as easy as running a single command — no configuration necessary.

  • File system-based routing

  • Hot-code reloading

  • Zero-config production builds

No More Switching Frameworks

With the flexibility to target any frontend environment, choosing Next.js means your team can handle static site generation without needing to learn a new framework. If your requirements change down the road, Next.js makes the transition to a dynamic application a breeze.

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