Server-Side Rendering Done Right

Take the pain out of creating Universal
React apps with Next.js

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  • Exceptional Performance

  • SEO Ready

  • Deploy Anywhere

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import Toast from './react-components/toast';

export default function HomePage() {
  return (
      This site is
      <strong>Server Side Rendered</strong>

This site is Server Side Rendered

Superior Performance

On slower devices, rendering an initial page can take a long time and lead to a degraded experience. By offloading the computation to a more powerful server, you minimize the time users spend waiting and ensure your conversion rate does not suffer.

Time to First Meaningful Paint

Optimized for Discovery

SSR guarantees your pages are easily indexable by search engines and previewable on social media platforms. Client-side routing solutions can delay web crawling and in turn, tarnish discoverability. Take your SEO to the next level and sidestep the issue entirely with Next.js.

Lightning Fast Delivery

Prefetching initial data and building pages on the server drastically reduces the number of round trips required to view your site. This translates to lower latency and reduced bandwidth consumption. Both of which are essential for strong mobile experiences.

Incrementally Adopt

Need a path for incremental adoption? No problem. With the ability to use Next.js programmatically, it’s simple to incorporate it into any existing application. Next.js also provides complete multi-zone support for exposing multiple deployments under a single domain.

Integrate Anywhere

With over 170 examples to follow, server-side rendering with Next.js can be easily integrated with your current Node.js backend, such as Express, Koa, or even Electron.

The Right Abstraction

Next.js extends React to provide a powerful method for loading a page's initial data, no matter where it is coming from. With a single place to prepopulate page context, server-side rendering with Next.js seamlessly integrates with any existing data-fetching strategy.

Infinitely Scalable

When it comes to dynamic applications, scalability is often a concern. Fortunately, Next.js supports serverless builds out of the box. Simply set the target and Next.js will output an SSR-equipped lambda for each page which can be instantly deployed to platforms like ZEIT Now.

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