Multi Zones


A zone is a single deployment of a Next.js app. You can have multiple zones and merge them as a single app.

For example, let's say you have the following apps:

  • An app for serving /blog/**
  • Another app for serving all other pages

With multi zones support, you can merge both these apps into a single one allowing your customers to browse it using a single URL, but you can develop and deploy both apps independently.

How to define a zone

There are no special zones related APIs. You only need to do following:

  • Make sure to keep only the pages you need in your app, meaning that an app can't have pages from another app, if app A has /blog then app B shouldn't have it too.
  • Make sure to add an assetPrefix to avoid conflicts with static files.

How to merge zones

You can merge zones using any HTTP proxy.

For Vercel, you can use a single vercel.json to deploy both apps. It allows you to define routing routes for multiple apps like below:

  "version": 2,
  "builds": [
    { "src": "blog/package.json", "use": "@now/next" },
    { "src": "home/package.json", "use": "@now/next" }
  "routes": [
    { "src": "/blog/_next(.*)", "dest": "blog/_next$1" },
    { "src": "/blog(.*)", "dest": "blog/blog$1" },
    { "src": "(.*)", "dest": "home$1" }

You can also configure a proxy server to route using a set of routes like the ones above, e.g deploy the blog app to and the home app to and then add a proxy server for both apps in