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Build Target

Next.js supports various build targets, each changing the way your application is built and run. We'll explain each of the targets below.

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This is the default target, however, we highly recommend the serverless target. The serverless target enforces additional constraints to keep you in the Pit of Success.

This target is compatible with both next start and custom server setups (it's mandatory for a custom server).

Your application will be built and deployed as a monolith. This is the default target and no action is required on your part to opt-in.

serverless target permalink

Deployments to ZEIT Now will automatically enable this target. You do not need to opt-into it yourself, but you can.

This target will output independent pages that don't require a monolithic server.

It's only compatible with next start or Serverless deployment platforms (like ZEIT Now) — you cannot use the custom server API.

To opt-into this target, set the following configuration in your next.config.js:

module.exports = {
  target: 'serverless',

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