Next.js Conf
Yang Zhang

Yang Zhang


Co-founder at Plasmic


Yang is a co-founder of Plasmic, a page builder and visual CMS for Next.js that lets teams move incredibly fast. In a past life he was an engineer and computer scientist at Google, Microsoft, and MIT.

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Visual building for Next.js

Next.js is an amazing platform for developers! But non-developers — even with today's headless CMSes — depend entirely on resource-strapped engineering teams. What if we could empower anyone to directly create production-grade experiences within our Next.js app as easily and safely as editing a document or using a design tool? In this talk, we'll look at Plasmic, a headless page builder and visual CMS for Next.js apps. With a hackable core editor, we'll see how Plasmic enables non-developers such as marketers and designers to iterate rapidly and autonomously — freeing up engineering and letting the entire team move incredibly fast.