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Tim Nolet

Tim Nolet


Cofounder and CTO at Checkly


Tim is co-founder and CTO of Checkly, the delightful API & E2E monitoring platform for developers. He got his hands dirty as an ops person on J2EE stacks back in the nineties but is now mostly focused on Javascript, Node.js and developer tooling.

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Using Headless Browsers to ship reliable and performant apps

In this talk, Tim will show how to use modern Headless Browser frameworks like Playwright and Puppeteer and some light coding to drastically reduce the risk of shipping a broken or slow app to production. The talk will give practical examples you can use directly in your Next.js projects and will show why the power of preview deploys and quick, disposable serverless backends, have changed the end-to-end (E2E) testing and monitoring space forever.