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Steve Sewell

Steve Sewell


Founder and CEO at


Steve Sewell is the founder and CEO of, a headless CMS with a powerful visual editor. Prior to Builder, Steve founded two other startups, a mobile & web application framework and a music gaming startup, as well as led web engineering at ShopStyle.

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High-speed edge personalization with Next.js

Static site generation is incredible for performance and uptime, but can prevent you from delivering personalized experiences to your users. Previously, our only options were to load personalized parts of pages client-side, but that can negate much of the performance value of SSG, and create poor user experiences (popping content, layout shifts, etc). In this talk, we will cover how to deliver extremely fast and personalized experiences from the edge with Next.js, so you can get the best of both worlds. We will also cover how integrates with this and Next.js incremental static regeneration to create high-speed, hyper personalization with Next.js using no-code.