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Shubhie Panicker

Software Engineer @ Google


Shubhie is the engineering lead for Chrome's engagement in the web framework ecosystem, where she collaborates with open source tools, frameworks, and communities. As a member of Chrome's Web Platform team, she has worked on web standards and chromium's implementation for several web performance APIs. Prior to Chrome, she worked on infrastructure and web frameworks for Google products like Search, Google Photos.

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Bringing Excellent UX to the React Ecosystem via Strong Defaults in Next.js

We are a team in Chrome with a mission of enabling web developers to build compelling experiences on the web, where excellent UX & performance is a side-effect of using a well refined tech stack. Given the popularity of React, we are partnering with Next.js and React to bring the power of strong defaults to the React ecosystem, with the goal of providing a tooling foundation for excellent outcomes. This talk covers our journey – how we are working towards this goal, a number of features landing in Next.js and what's coming down the pipeline.