Sandeep Panda


Co-founder, Hashnode


I am Sandeep Panda, co-founder of Hashnode. I am a developer, writer, and entrepreneur obsessed about solving customer problems through code.

Scaling past 10K+ custom domains at Hashnode using Vercel Domain API

At Hashnode, we invest a lot in community, and tools that enable tech writers publish their best work. Since inception, Hashnode has crossed 100M+ views. Recently, we crossed 3M monthly unique readers, and 10M monthly views. And, we are now powering 10,000+ blogs on custom domains, which is growing rapidly. Vercel helps us do this effortlessly at scale. This talk will focus on how Hashnode went from a home grown CDN during the early days to Vercel to serve unlimited number of custom domains over HTTPS with minimal infrastructure management.