Sam Selikoff


Founder, Build UI


Sam Selikoff has been teaching frontend development for over eight years through his podcast, in-person trainings and conference talks, and videos on Egghead, YouTube, and, more recently, Build UI. He's also a software consultant. Prior to working for himself, he was a frontend engineer at TED Conferences.

How Next.js is delivering React’s vision for the future

Server Components have brought React closer to fulfilling its mission of giving developers a unified paradigm for building rich user interfaces. This talk will explain how RSC, which started out as the official answer for how to fetch data in React, led to an evolution of the React paradigm that brings the composability of components across the network boundary. We’ll first look at how RSC in Next.js improves upon the previous generation of data-fetching solutions (like getServerSideProps and SWR), why RSC is about so much more than data fetching, and end with an exploration of how this new paradigm will make even the non-UI parts of our applications easier to build in the future.