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Saad Irfan

Saad Irfan


Student Expert at RapidAPI


Saad is a frontend developer, a Student Expert at RapidAPI, an open-sourcerer, a Major League Hacking fellow, a former Developer Advocate at Worwox, a Technical Writer, and a guitarist. He has authored 20+ open-source tools that are used by thousands of developers. He also founded Google’s Developer Students Club at his college and is a part of Microsoft’s Student program.

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Let’s talk about Image Optimization with Next.js

Because of their size, images are the largest assets of your website. As the size increases, the speed of your web app decreases along with it. According to the HTTP Archive, images make up on average 21% of a total webpage weight. Different image formats also affect your site’s overall performance. In this talk, I am going to speak about how Next.js natively helps you optimize your images. How it provides a built-in solution with its Image component that uses various techniques to make sure your site is fast, consumes less bandwidth, and at the same time has a great user experience.