Hosna Qasmei


Software Developer, Freelancer


Hosna is a software developer and Next.js content creator on YouTube, dedicated to sharing coding tips and tricks to make the learning process smoother. When not coding, she's an avid soccer fan, traveler, bookworm, and podcast enthusiast.

Build Projects 10x Faster with Next.js

In this talk, I'll share my journey of discovering Next.js at the end of December 2022, a transformative moment in my coding experience. Prior to that, I relied on create-react-app and painstakingly built everything from the ground up, including the frontend, backend, and database. I'll discuss the challenges I faced, the steep learning curve I navigated, and the months I dedicated to figuring it all out. Discover how the introduction of the Next.js framework changed the game for me, allowing me to build projects 10 times faster. I'll delve into essential concepts, including file-based routing and nested routes, route handlers, redirects, and middleware, providing valuable insights to enhance your development workflow and productivity.