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Fernando Rojo

Fernando Rojo


Co-Founder & CTO at BeatGig


Fernando Rojo is the Co-Founder & CTO at BeatGig, a marketplace for booking artists. He graduated from UPenn in 2019 and was part of Y Combinator's W'19 batch. His first startup, PATOS Shoes, partnered with J.Crew and was featured in Forbes, NBC, and Huffington Post. Today, Fernando maintains a number of libraries dedicated to pairing React Native with Next.js.

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Zero to $10 Million with React Native + Next.js

What does it take to grow to $10m in sales in under a year with one frontend engineer? In this talk, I’ll discuss how we used React Native with Next.js to achieve this at BeatGig. We’ll explore solutions to cross-platform issues like navigation, animations, responsive design, theming, performance, and more, uncovering a stack that lets you build great products with speed.