Next.js Conf
Ankita Kulkarni

Ankita Kulkarni


Senior Engineering Manager at WealthSimple


Ankita has over 10 years of experience that started with helping small businesses develop apps. Currently she is a Senior Engineering manager at WealthSimple where she is leading 2 teams & helping define the future of fin tech in Canada. Previously, she worked as a Tech Lead, a Solution Architect, Lead developer at different companies such as, IBM.

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5 things you need to know to take your next app to the next level

Next.js has gained a lot of popularity but do you know everything about it? Next.js is not just about knowing React but there is a lot more to it that you need to know to fully master it. In this talk, we will discuss 5 things you wish you knew about Next and how you can take your apps to the next level. We will cover different rendering techniques such as server side rendering, incremental site regeneration, static rendering and mechanisms we can use, lighthouse tests, performance optimizations with real world apps and lots more. There is a lot of lingo used but we will learn through some code examples to solidify your understanding.