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Maedah Batool

Maedah Batool


Director Developer Content at Worwox


Maedah Batool is an award-winning content strategist and Developer Advocate. She has led content teams and published hundreds of advanced guides for web developers. Maedah is known for translating complex web development concepts into simple mental models. Learn everything she knows in her eBook about "Content for Developers" at, with 1,327 developers already learning.

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Building a best selling eBook with Next.js and WordPress

Who would have guessed Next.js could be used to write an eBook? My ebook "Content for Developers" was challenging to write at first as I invariably fought ridiculous formatting issues. Eventually, I decided to build it with Next.js and WordPress. Next.js offered an exceptional developer experience. No formatting issues, optimized layout, and a — free web version to host on Vercel. WordPress provided a battle-tested headless backend. By the end of this talk, you'll walk away with lots of creative ideas on how to use Next.js to your advantage — maybe in places you never thought possible.