Announcing the Improved Next.js Discord Community

    We're thrilled to announce our improved Next.js Discord community enabling developers to chat about Next.js, ask questions, show off their projects, and find Next.js jobs. Some of the new Discord community features include:

    Community Mission

    Our goal with the Next.js Discord community is to further our mission of enabling developers to build and publish wonderful things by lowering the barrier to entry. Everything we do in the community will be focused on this mission and building a community around the open platform of Next.js.

    We want a space where Next.js and React developers can interact with each other, keep up with the latest Next.js & React news, and collaborate with each other.

    Let's dive into the new community features.

    New Member Onboarding Flow

    We've revamped the new member onboarding to make it easier to get up and running with Discord and join relevant channels. Here's a screenshot of a question on our welcome screen you see upon joining, which adds you to certain channels depending on what emojis you react with.

    A screenshot of a question in the #welcome channel that adds members to channels based on their reactions.

    New Channel Structure

    We've created more channels for developers to chat in real time:

    • #resources - Find the best resources to learn Next.js
    • #releases - Learn about new Next.js releases
    • #showcase - Show off your Next.js projects
    • #kudos - Shout out members who helped you
    • #jobs - Find and post Next.js jobs
    A screenshot of the Next.js Discord channel structure and part of the #welcome channel.

    Location-specific channels are coming soon as we start to think about in-person events and local meetups. If you have suggestions, leave them in #suggestions on Discord.

    Next.js Discord Bot

    We developed a custom Discord bot, along with community moderator Rafael, that helps with:

    • Logging suspicious messages so our moderators can investigate
    • Automatic Spam detection to limit users who abuse messages
    • Enforcing certain rules to ensure a welcoming community
    • Managing reactions and adding people to channels

    Community Moderators

    Our Discord community wouldn't be possible without our community moderators. Thank you to all the mods for helping us build the Next.js Discord from the ground up:

    What's Next?

    The Next.js Discord has 30,000+ developers and growing more every day. This is just the beginning – we have more exciting initiatives to be announced like local meetups and our Next.js Conf in 2022. Whether you're an experienced Next.js developer or just getting started in your React journey, there's a place for you in our Discord.

    Join the Next.js Discord today to keep up with the latest Next.js news and chat with fellow Next.js & React developers.

    Going forward for our community, Discord will be used for synchronous communication while GitHub Discussions will be the default for async communication.